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The Compendium of Universal Knowledge

By Peter Freeman, David Thomas, Ian Thomson and Jim Webster, et al
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Cover image This is the book we should have released second. It is a 296 page comprehensive guide to the Dying Earth.

It includes reliable information on everything that has ever existed*. It details all the major people, places, creatures and phenomena within the Dying Earth and also offer the expansions, speculations and comments of other contributors, as well as asides into the Vancean oeuvre.

For the Dying Earth roleplaying game, the Compendium includes more than two hundred adventure seeds, game statistics for eighty creatures, more than a dozen spells and cross references to all our other publications. The Compendium is lavishly illustrated, with beautiful maps.

When you are not pouring over its pages, its sturdy frame will add character to your bookshelf.

The book is available as a paperback. A limited edition hardback is on its way. Contact me if you want to be put on the waiting list.

296 pages US$39.95 UK£21.95 [Order Now]

*This is not strictly true


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