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Cugels' Compendium of Indispensable Advantages

by Aaron Allston, Robin D Laws and Phil Masters

For sound commerical reasons, we have made this supplement indispensable to both players and Game Moderators alike. A mere sample of this supplements contents offers proof:

A new power, the Tweak:
Procure advantage in specific situations. Neagate a blunder with "Forgive my companion, who was dropped at birth."
Persuade your mount to obey with "There's turnips in it for you"

Arcane magical items and intriguing equipment:
The cornucopia of discreditable secrets, Distracting Baubles, The Diamonds That were Kathakl Thark Spring-Heel boots and three dozen other practical adjuncts.

24 clever Cantraps

and other essentials:
learn to negotiate to your advantage, dress outrageously with the Random Costume Generator and line your pockets with guaranteed confidence tricks.

* For all adventurers, especially those of Cugel-level
* Effervescent wit of famed authors
* Confidence Swindles
* Stratagems for negotiation
* Art by the extraordinary Ralph Horlsey

Small print, Some contents may, in sharply limited circumstances, prove dispensable.


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