Campaign Cartographer 3

The Esoterrorists

Download page

Includes the first two pages, a character sheet utilities and adventures. The character sheet and sample are provided by Pelgrane Press, the rest are fan material.

Layout and Introduction

The Esoterrorists has been beautifully laid out and illustrated by Jérôme Huguenin. These introductory pages should give you an idea of what to expect.

Character Sheet

Download the Esoterrorists character sheet as a PDF file.

A new fillable PDF Esoterrorists character sheet by Kurt Rauscher.

Download the Esoterrorists character sheet as a CC3 fcw file.

Unremitting Horror introduced a new investigative ability - Pathology. Download the updated Esoterrorists character sheet as a PDF file.

Sample Characters

Sample characters from the playtest courtesy of Phill Winters and group.

Character Ability Matrix

This Excel spreadsheet helps you enusure that the PCs have a suitable selection of abilities. You can also use to ensure adventures make use of the abilities that players have chosen. It was created by Ralf Wagner and Ralf Schemmann.

GM Character Reference Sheet

This PDF document created by Ron Blessing. It has all the important Esoterrorists tables easily to hand.

Operation Slaugherhouse Extra

Adventure flow chart in PDF and CC3 FCW format by Ralf Schemmann.

Operation Antler

An adventure set in the UK by Richard Lynne.

Internal Scenario Design Document

A design document put together following feedback from writers. It gives rules and advice for creating Esoterrorist adventures. Originally written for internal use, GMs may well find it helpful.