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The Excellent Prismatic SprayTM (Issue 1 available now as a download.)

The XPS. Our supplement for featuring adventures, background and words of wisdom for the Dying Earth RPG. It has included articles by such luminaires as Robin Laws, Gary Gygax, Phil Masters, Monte Cook, Ed Greenwood and Steve Long. it is indispensable to fans of the Dying Earth. XPS is edited by the agromancer Jim Webster and laid out by Sarah Wroot. You are now compelled to demand your subscription from us. We will willingly comply.

The XPS Online, a web-based version, different to the printed version of XPS is now available free online.

You can purchase a subscription from our order page. We will email you before each mailing to confirm your address. The number of magazines printed is strictly limited, so this is the best and cheapest way to ensure you receive your copy. It also helps the magazine continue.

Latest issue: number 6

XPS 6 features an article on Vancean magic by Arcana Unearthed author Monte Cook; a d20 conversion of Dying Earth rules by Keith Baker, creator of the new Eberron campaign setting for Wizards of the Coast. Hogshead's Mark Ricketts gives sterling advice on adding horror into your Dying Earth games. XPS 6 also includes adventures, new weapons, cults of the Dying Earth and much more. With such well-known names and an attractive layout, XPS 6 is a must for any Dying Earth player, and others besides.

Ascolais and the Land of the Falling Wall is a double issue of the XPS (4 and 5), cunningly disguised as an advenuture supplement. This fine collection of adventure material includes the long-awaited speculative map of the Dying Earth. With contributors such as Robin D Laws, Ed Greenwood and Jeanry Chandler, and articles on vat creatures, mermelants and religion, it is the best XPS yet. Settlements across this region of the Dying Earth are detailed, with opportunities for adventure, trickery and gourmandism.

The third issue includes The Gold and Amber Cabal, an adventure for aspiring mages; The Valley of the Graven Tombs, laden with ghosts and curses; and The Laughing Magician, part one of a three-part adventure series in which the characters must race up the Scaum river against stiff opposition, as well as articles by Robin D Laws and Lizard.

In the second issue Robin D. Laws presents "Phasms", an adventure for powerful arch-magicians; Gary Gygax details the influence of Jack Vance on the D&D game. Phil Masters, Steven Long, and many other stellar names present material of comparable interest.

Our first issue features the much-feared Pirates of the Jhardine Coast, the Vineyards of the Scaum, Zamaranth a Turjan-level adventure set in the Forest of Da, as well as career advice from Phil Masters and hints on play by our foremost playtesters. To give you a taste of what to expect, this first issue is available for download.




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