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This is the See Page XX archive. The new Page XX can be found here.

Older Robin Laws's Page XX columns are no longer available for free download - we gotta eat! You can buy Page XX, Vol 1 which includes the first 24 columns with additional material at rpgnow.com. All the other material is still available here.

A Turjan-level adventure for the Dying Earth RPG

August 2007

Violet Cusps: The Lords of Cil by Ian Thomson
Updates to the News page
Mystic Moo's Convention Guide


July 2007

Violet Cusps: Map of the Eastern Lands by Ian Thomson
Updates to the News page


April 2007

Violet Cusps: The Wilderness Survival Guide by Ian Thomson
The pdf version of Esoterrorists now available


March 2007

Violet Cusps: The Magic of the Wild by Ian Thomson
The Gumshoe release schedule

A New Review of Unremitting Horror


February 2007

Violet Cusps: The Creep of Inaccuracy (Rhialto-adventure) by Ian Thomson
Esoterrorists article: Scenario Design

Pelgrane Press News: 'Gumshoe' system launched


September 2006

RPG Success Stories: The D20 Marketplace by Monte Cook  
Violet Cusps: Gomoshan's Tomb  by Ian Thomson
Pelgrane Press News: New Games by Simon Rogers


June 2006

View from the Pelgrane's Nest: Is the RPG Industry Screwed? 
From the Compendium of Universal Knowledge: The Asm
The Compendium of Universal Knowledge: Layout Sample
Violet Cusps: The Dangers of Dabbling with Magic
A Cold Day in Hell: A look at eBooks in the RPG Industry
Pelgrane Press News: eBooks and New Games


May 2006

View from the Pelgrane's Nest: Game Designers' Favorite Games 
Violet Cusps: The Day of the Quelo


December 2005

Mystic Moo's Yuletide Moosings
View from the Pelgrane's Nest
Violet Cusps: All's Fair at Azenomei


November 2005

Unremitting Horror: It's been released!
Mystic Moo's RPG Astrology: Mystic Moo Predicts the Past
View from the Pelgrane's Nest
Employment Sought - a pick-a-path adventure
Violet Cusps: Exotic Weaponry

The Cave

Update:   The Cave, a science fiction short now has its own website. We'll be linking to installments from here, too.  Discuss the Cave on our forum.

January 2005

Mystic Moo's RPG Astrology
Violet Cusps: Azenomei
In dreams, what death may come (small PDF)
Unremitting Horror: Dating

Comment on these articles

December 2004

NEW: The Cave: Trailer (8MB avi)
NEW: Mystic Moo's RPG Astrology
View from the Pelgrane's Nest 
A variant on the tagline: the incidental anecdote. (small PDF)
Unremitting Horror:  Jorgamundr


November 2004

View from the Pelgrane's Nest 
You poor hungry creature, allow me to step into your maw (small PDF)
Unremitting Horror:  The Poet A P Morton Blunkett


October 2004

Doodle all the Day (small PDF)


September 2004

Wiping the Slate Clean (Part 2) (small PDF)

August 2004

Wiping the Slate Clean (Part 1) (small PDF)

July 2004

Adventure: The Balance Restored (small PDF)

June 2004

Adventure: Sartorial Reference (small PDF)


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