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Whilst harsh critics might stigmatize you as a vagabond, a footloose wanderer, or even a mountebank, in your own eyes you are a gentleman of quality traveling for adventure, or a free spirit seeking what little excitement and pleasure you can squeeze from the last hours of old Earth. Forced, by calumny and false accusation, to leave Kaiin mere minutes ahead of your creditors, you have arrived in Azenomei armed only with your wits, your trusty rapier, and a letter of introduction to one Derdolcelme, a person of some learning, who may be needing a private secretary. This latter post you feel ideally suited to fill, in as much as it would ideally provide you with an adequacy of terces, bed, and board, yet be an indoor job with no heavy lifting.

Leaving the pier you find your way to his house: a large residence in a pleasant street of modest prosperity. Knocking firmly on the front door elicits no response but you notice an alley running down the side of the house to a back yard. You determine to explore the rear of the house to see if any of the household are working in the yard. Half-way down the alley you notice a window ajar at head height.

Do you attempt to climb in through the window?
Do you continue down the alley and into the yard?


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