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This month, David Thomas has completed the editing of The Book of Unremitting Horror. I will cast my eye over it before Christmas and send the final version off for layout. 

Dragonmeet 2004 went well for everyone - Sean Varney ran an amusing game where the PCs succeeded in travelling 7th class on a gondolier. The players enjoyed being fleeced and hornswaggled. We showed the full range of artwork and a sample layout from the Book of Unremitting Horror.   It was fun to watch everyone's eyes scanning our covers then whipping back to Unremitting Horror.The Dying Earth RPG

Dave Allsop is the artist and creator, has released a limitededition print this month - this edible beauty. Her and me in a fight, who would win? You can buy this excellent print here .

The Cave is a new short film directed and produced by John Jones. This month we feature the Trailer. It's a low budget affair, with John learning the basics of special effects as he went. We'll be releasing it in installments over the next few months.

XPS 7 is progressing, and Jim Webster has agreed to field any and all questions on the topic after I threatened him with desanguination. We would also appreaciate any letters to the editor, either in or out of character.

The Dying Earth RPG and other products are now available for sale as a PDF from rpgnow.com

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