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Cover ThumbnailAt last - a new Dying Earth release - All's Fair in Azenomei! It's available as a downloadable PDF exclusively from our webstore. This professionally produced scenario gives your PCs the chance to explore Azenomei in depth, enjoy all the fun of the fair, and take part in a series of contests on behalf of a local sponsor of dubious repute. The PCs will have to use their full repertoire of chicaneries and wiles to triumph over the predicaments in which they find themselves.

While we wait for a full review of the Book of Unremitting Horror, I recommend you pop over to the Ogre's Cave to see their Christmas recommendations .

This month, we've finally sorted out what is going in XPS 7/8 and what is going in the Compendium of Universal Knowledge - our next major release. A sample entry can be seen here. 

The Compendium is a gazetteer, a bestiary and an encyclopedia of the Dying Earth. It includes entries by almost all our writers, and is being compiled and edited with additional material by David Thomas. At the moment, I am tending towards a thick hardback volume with color plates, probably a limited edition, with a paperback version later. If you would be interested in such a tome, please email me. We'll put you on our list, not to be eaten, but to have the option of receiving an earlier numbered volume.

The Rhialto supplement is being edited by John Kahane, but Robin will be adding a new chapter on Sandestins and offering some simplified rules in Mid-February.

The Dying Earth RPG and other products are now available for sale from our webstore

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