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Turjan's Tome Of Beauty and Horror

by Robin D Laws with Ian Thomson

If you are more interested in dark fantasy than humorous escapades, or collecting the last 100 Spells rather than conning a stall holder of his terces, then this is the tome for you. The first volume of Jack Vance's Dying Earth has a very different tone to the later books. It has elements of horror, powerful sorcery, and even genuine heroics. This supplements lets you roleplay these puissant magicians, questers and driven heroes.

You can
* Gain options for Magician characters, and get advice on playing Turjan-level campaigns,
* Encompass new, esoteric spells, scribbled by madmen and fraught with danger in their use,
* Face untold peril as you follow adventure hooks set on the Dying Earth and beyond,
* Uncover arcane items from the ruins, or guarded by otherworld beings,
* Gain new powers (Tweaks) such as "Occult Horrors too Numerous to Detail"
* Discover contacts and potential enemies of cruelty and renown,
* Create Vat creatures as retainers, bodyguards or even companions

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