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In spite of certain not unreasonable reservations we have had about adopting Larval Age technology we have finally succumbed to the clamor of the masses and created what I believe is known colloquially as "A Subscribers' Website". Were this a physical copy of The Excellent Prismatic Spray you could feel the grade of parchment we use and be reassured that you were the owner of a publication of undoubted quality. As it is I must ask you to trust me when I tell you that we have used nothing but the finest grade of electrons, combined by craftsmen into exquisitely wrought bits. Within our online publication you will find much that should interest you including a scenario, 'Ring of Deceit', which is aimed at those starting to play the Dying Earth game. There is also the first part of an invaluable resource, 'On the Origin of Species' which combines information and speculation in equal measures.

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A bare eight miles from Kaiin along the Mermelant Trail, the Prince of Kaiin Inn provides sumptuous repasts for the discerning. Convenient to Kaiin, yet sufficiently distant to ensure privacy.
Enquire about our special weekly rates should you wish to lease a suite for romantic assignations.

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Should you wish to inspect another example of our work, a copy of The Excellent Prismatic Spray Volume One may be obtained via the Downloads Page of the Dying Earth Website http://www.dyingearth.com

Future online editions of The Excellent Prismatic Spray will be restricted to those who subscribe to the Magazine. This edition is open to all and sundry, for the didactic betterment of the lower orders and to entice those of more advanced intellect into subscribing to the magazine. I personally am delighted that some of our most loyal sponsors have joined us in this experiment. Please support them by a process which I am told is called "clicking on the advert".

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It is said "A picture is worth a thousand words."
Why then should your works be mute?

Robert Millions

Manuscripts illustrated
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Readers are enjoined to remember that lack of a Kaiin address does not indicate a lack of quality.

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The minion responsible for the array of hand-crafted bits presented to you as The Excellent Prismatic Spray Online welcomes praise, flattery and constructive criticism from discerning and well-informed readers. Kindly forward all such comments to xpsweb@dyingearth.com. Insults, contumely and other such derogatory remarks should be reserved for chance personal meetings with the design team, who reserve the right to escalate the exchange.

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It is with growing disbelief that the management and staff have been watching the antics of those readers who have been inserting metal bars and similar feloniously derived implements into the side of their monitor in an attempt to turn the page to read the rest of this online magazine. Should you have problems in this respect then for an annual payment of 5000 terces (currency conversions available on request) we will send a young technician of proven competence who will reside in your manse and turn the pages for you.

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